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Arduino/Raspberry Pi project ideas

I know it’s been awhile since I last wrote an article on here but today I have something id like to share.  I have a couple projects in mind but haven’t figured out which one to focus on first.  I’ve had my Arduino and Raspberry Pi for almost a year each and had a hard time of figuring out what to do with them.  There’s so many projects associated with each and thanks to ordering a few parts this week I can finally get started and hopefully finish a project all the way through to the end.  Here are 3 project ideas I been thinking about:

Project #1:  Recently I bought an inexpensive RC car that I took apart to expose the dc motors and the electronics of the car.  What I would like to do is use a Arduino as the heart of the RC car and use a h-bridge motor driver to control the movement of the car.  Eventually if I get that to work id like to add a ultrasonic distance sensor to give it eyes to see and avoid obstacles.

Project #2:  I ordered a PIR Motion Detector to play around with.  What I want to do is see how it works by doing the simple blink a LED when something is near.  Afterwards I would add more to it like a buzzer to go off or for the program to alert me in some way.  All connected to the Arduino.

Project #3:  Finally I ordered some screws to hold down my raspberry pi 2.2″ non touch LCD touchscreen.  Since I already have Raspbian on it and configured the WiFi dongle on it,  I could turn it into a mini portable computer, a camera or any other project using a small display.

These are the main projects I’m thinking about starting but its figuring out which one to do first.  I have other boards (Pine64 I haven’t even touched yet) and CHIP that’s on its way in the next month or so.  My problem is I got all this technology/hardware laying around me but not utilizing them. Which do you think I should dive deeper into first or what are your suggestions for some good projects to do with Arduino or raspberry pi?